Andrés Páez told 11 lies in 11 minutes about McSquared

Andrés Páez told 11 lies in 11 minutes about McSquared

Andrés Páez told 11 lies in 11 minutes about McSquared
October 20
22:40 2014

Quito (Pichincha).- The National Secretary of Communication (SECOM, Spanish acronym) released a copy of the statements made by the national assembly member of CREO, Andrés Páez, to the news agency Ecuavisa. Páez statements were regarding the communications contract signed by the government with the publicity and marketing company, McSquared.

According to Páez, a former member of the Democratic Left Party, “Not enough damage has been done to the international reputation of Ecuador” to justify the contracting of a U.S. company. However, it is internationally known that Chevron initiated a multimillion dollar campaign to attack Ecuador’s government and judicial system in order to avoid paying $9 billion dollars for the damages it left in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

In fact, Chevron has reserved $400 million dollars in order to fund its smear campaign. The legislator’s critiques have coincidentally been repeated in these attacks, such as there not being freedom of expression in Ecuador and that justice is not independent. It comes as no surprise then, that Chevron repeats Páez’s declarations in their social network accounts.

The National Secretary’s Office of Communications also pointed out that what also damaged Ecuador’s international reputation was to follow Chevron’s same tactic. “How else can one explain that the assembly member, Páez, in an exact copy, make the same claim as Chevron? Or how can the constant replicas of each of Páez’s statements in Chevron’s Twitter account be explained?” it was asked in the response space of the replicated comment.

This same script was repeated by Páez in Ecuavisa. One of his lies is his statement, was that the McSquared company was paid $1,200,000 dollars for the creation of a website.

This is not true. What the right-wing legislator is omitting is that the payment includes not only a web page, but an entire communications strategy that includes the following services: the design and development of multiple virtual platforms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social networking site management, monitoring, maintenance, content development and updating, metrics and analysis reports, the establishment of market segmentation, Google search terms management, and the copyright acquisition of photographs, texts, music, and audiovisual material, among others.

Páez also stated that artists such as Mia Farrow and Danny Glover joined the campaign against Chevron for money. The truth is that these internationally known stars came to Ecuador voluntarily and are completely committed to this cause. The agents of these Hollywood icons had to cover the costs for travel, lodging and meal expenses and must also account for the amounts from the donations from foundations with which they are connected.

Another fallacy of the legislator spread is having said that the representatives from Colombia University in the U.S. should declare how much they received to host President Rafael Correa at the university. Yet another lie.

With regard to the McSquared contract, the National Secretary of Communication himself, Fernando Alvarado, publicly requested in his Twitter account that the Office of the Auditor hold a hearing of the contract in order to avoid the speculation generated by Chevron and its partners.

“Eleven lies in eleven minutes,” stated the director of SECOM, Fernando Alvarado, when referring to the fallacies made by Andrés Páez; who before was team player of the left and now is a team player of Chevron. “You lie and you deceive; and it is also very suspicious that you [Andrés Paéz] seem to perfectly reproduce all the false information that Chevron needed to place themselves in a position to attack our country,” the government official stated.

For Alvarado, it would be a good thing if the Financial Analysis Unit analyzed certain private finances: “I would hope that the funds of this corrupting and corruptive company haven’t contaminated a government leader as they have contaminated our rainforest.”

The Secretary of Communications stated: “As public officials we are responsible for the appropriate management of Ecuador’s finances. We are also responsible, according to the law, for all monitoring authorities and for Ecuador’s justice system. With respect and with conviction, we are not here to support the show of those who sell-out their country; we are not here to answer to sell-out politicians. We are here to answer to the citizens of Ecuador.” MNC /El Ciudadano.

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