Ecuador condemns North Korea’s nuclear tests

Ecuador condemns North Korea’s nuclear tests

Ecuador condemns North Korea’s nuclear tests
March 17
16:58 2017

Quito (Pichincha).- Through a statement, the Foreign Ministry says “the government of Ecuador condemns and expresses its concerns about the decision made by the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea to conduct a nuclear test on March 6. Such action implies a clear violation to international regulations on the elimination and non-proliferation of weapons and its means of delivery, which is also a serious threat to peace and international security.

The Ecuadorian government, committed to peace and following its constitutional mandate, condemns the creation and use of weapons of mass destruction and supports all ongoing processes within the framework of the United Nations to negotiate a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons towards its total elimination. On this matter, it calls upon the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea and all States that own weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear arms, to strengthen and universalize efforts and eradicate nuclear weapons and all arms of massive destruction in the planet.

Similarly, the Ecuadorian government urges all States to sign all multilateral instruments relevant to this issue and fully cooperate with international organizations and its regulatory systems in order to make advanced technology development transparent. And contribute to not only the peaceful use of nuclear energy but also to the peaceful use of outer space; and make progress in having a world free of nuclear weapons.

Given the risk of the Korean peninsula destabilizations, the Ecuadorian government calls the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and all States involved upon restraint,” concludes the statement. /El Ciudadano.

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