Ecuador leads ranking on empathy

Ecuador leads ranking on empathy

Ecuador leads ranking on empathy
October 17
18:49 2016

Quito (Pichincha).- Ecuador leads the ranking on the planet’s most emphatic nations, according to a study conducted by Michigan State University, University of Chicago and the University of Indiana, according to El Telegrafo newspaper.

This could be the first study of this type. Results were obtained from a survey applied to 104 thousand people from 63 countries that were measured about compassion and the capacity of putting themselves in other people’s position.

This study showed that countries with the highest rate of empathy also have high levels of collectivism, kindness, responsibility, self-esteem, emotions, subjective wellbeing and pro-social behavior.

The ten most emphatic countries are Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, United States, Taiwan, Costa Rica and Kuwait. Lithuania is the least emphatic nation in the planet, according to this study. /El Telégrafo

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