Lies of Andrés Páez were made evident

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Lies of Andrés Páez were made evident

Lies of Andrés Páez were made evident
October 28
16:32 2015

Quito (Pichincha).-  Allegations made by Andres Paez are as strong as a house of cards. The lies he made up always have the same outcome: evidence his intention to affect the government.

One of the many lies of this right wing Assembly member was to affirm the contract signed between the State and McSquared advertising company in the amount of $ 1,200,000 for a web page. What was not said by Assembly member is that payment included not only the website, but an entire communication strategy that entailed: design and development of multiple virtual platforms, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social network management, monitoring, maintenance, generating and updating content, reporting metrics and analysis, among others.

Another deception of Paez, this time sponsored by banker Guillermo Lasso, was a complaint referring to alleged bank transfers from Hong Kong and Panama to the account of a tax haven island called Masor to benefit people close to the government and specifically Vice President Jorge Glas.

The legislator could not ensure the authenticity of his words, but said this accusation was based on a tabloid and Internet research. Paez was exposed, as he could not verify these foreign banks and also flunked geography, since the islands of Masor do not exist.

Another lie was proven, when believing he was a volcanologist, he argued that the Executive Decree on State of Emergency due to Cotopaxi volcano, signed in August by the President, was a measure to prevent opposition protests.

This argument fell on its own because the municipalities-including those opposing the government, such as Quito, prepared contingency plans. The purpose of the decree was to protect citizens of alarmist reports in order to prevent rumors and panic.

However his last lie, exceeds all limits, Paez said-in his Twitter account that President Rafael Correa had never used a Dhruv helicopter, and defended the acquisition of these aircrafts. The reality is that the President flew in such aircraft on 310 different occasions, which means more than 200 flight hours. There was even an aircraft designed exclusively for mobilization. The government’s decision was to unilaterally terminate the contract with India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) which manufactures helicopters.

The legislator has chosen silence. His actions are reminiscent of the old Ecuadorian politics who lived to complain; but could never prove these lies. JV/El Ciudadano

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